Design and implement a winning organizational structure

Organizational redesign is inevitable. In a dynamic and increasingly complex business environment, organizations must evolve. Done well, redesign can have transformational impact. Yet only 23% of redesigns successfully meet objectives and improve performance. Today’s top business leaders need to make smarter, organizational decisions by leveraging advanced data analytics, user-centered design technology, and proven methodologies. OrgLab improves redesign success rates 4x by providing an innovative platform and expert services to empower and accelerate effective organizational decisions.

OrgLab helps HR and business leaders answer critical organization questions

  • Baselining. Our data is a mess. How many people do we have? Who reports to whom?
  • Cost reduction. How do we effectively cut costs?
  • Streamlining for efficiency & effectiveness. How do we eliminate duplicated costs and streamline inconsistent operating models?
  • Mergers. How do we create a transparent plan to maximize value from our acquisition?
  • Divestments & carve-outs. How do we simplify the organization after divesting a business unit?
  • Talent development. How do we match our employees to roles that maximize their development and performance?

OrgLab by the numbers


managerial cost savings possible


increase in success rates


faster design and execution

What OrgLab provides

OrgLab services support smart, data-driven decision making and capability building, based on a deep understanding of an organization’s business strategy. We offer:

An innovative platform incorporating insightful data visualization, advanced analytics and reporting, and multi-user collaboration – delivered though an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface

Proprietary benchmarking, diagnostic report containing insights on areas of opportunity, and distinctive McKinsey thought partnership

Expert-led workshops, boot camps, and coaching for business leaders in immersive touchscreen environments


Unlock opportunities with OrgLab Diagnostics:

• clean your HR data to create an accurate record of the organization

• uncover your organizational baseline – size, cost, spans, and layers by business area

• identify specific cost reduction or growth opportunities (15 to 30% typical cost savings identified)

Explore the possibilities with OrgLab Design:

• quickly prototype new organizational structures with an intuitive, multi-user drag-and-drop interface

• explore and compare design scenarios with real-time analytics

• increase employee engagement and ownership throughout the transformation

• reduce administrative costs/time spend with a digital record of organizational changes

Realize your strengths with OrgLab Talent:

• facilitate talent decisions by identifying high and low performers

• understand strengths and core capabilities on which to build

• match employees to best-fit roles for optimal talent deployment

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