Organizational Health Index

Organizational Health Index

Measure and manage a performance-driven culture

The Organizational Health Index maps the DNA of your organization, providing insights into how your team is operating and recommended improvements based on proven recipes for success.

Healthy organizations perform better. In healthy companies, employees know where the organization is headed; understand how they fit into the strategy to get there; have the tools, capabilities, and motivation to execute; and are empowered to innovate and change.

The Organizational Health Index is a survey-based diagnostic that has been deployed by more than 1,300 organizations worldwide. With more than three million surveys completed by employees and executives, the data allow us to understand the underlying mind-sets and behaviors that drive performance. Country- and industry-specific benchmarks allow us to compare like with like.

Using the OHI diagnostic, our experts provide the following:

  • a baseline of your organization’s health and the ability to track improvement
  • insights into what’s working—and not working
  • a road map for how to improve organizational health.

Recipe for success

There is no single pattern of behaviors and processes that works best for all organizations at all times. However, over the past 10 years, we’ve found that the healthiest companies align strongly with one of four “recipes.” Identifying the right recipe for your organization is critical to improving performance.

Featured experts

Bill Schaninger

Senior Partner, Philadelphia
Designs and manages large-scale organizational transformations, strengthening business performance through enhanced culture, values, and leadership

Chris Gagnon

Senior Partner, New Jersey
Leader of OrgSolutions, McKinsey’s innovation center for new approaches to improving culture, design, talent, leadership, and change

Organizational health and leadership

The most effective leadership behaviors depend on the health of your organization. While certain leadership qualities are always essential (such as demonstrating a concern for people and offering a critical perspective), the importance of other elements varies depending upon the situation. The OHI can help your team identify and marshal the leadership behaviors needed to transition your company from its present state to a stronger, healthier one.

Organizational health and agility

Truly agile organizations are both stable (resilient, reliable, and efficient) and dynamic (fast, nimble, and adaptive). To master this paradox, companies must design structures, governance arrangements, and processes with a relatively unchanging set of core elements—a fixed backbone. Agile companies have a 70 percent chance of being ranked in the top quartile of organizational health.


Organizational Health Index

Using the Organizational Health Index

Take the quiz, read case studies, and learn how to use the OHI to improve your company’s performance.
Organizational Health Index

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myOHI is a free organizational health survey and report that shows how you compare against industry leaders.

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