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Featured capabilities

We have an arsenal of proprietary tools and solutions to support our clients:

People Analytics

People Analytics gives executives the objective insights they need to address their most pressing talent questions - including talent sourcing and selection, onboarding, workforce planning, learning and development, performance management, and succession and retention planning.

Learn more about the data and analytical tools, knowledge, and experts that make up our People Analytics team here.

Talent Match

Talent Match Review, a hybrid solution, combines the science of digital with the expertise of on-the-ground client service teams. The digital apps make it easy to actively plan and manage your talent strategy – by giving you access to real-time talent data. Our war-room includes large screens and “experience” apps for those key strategic moments when the team is identifying critical roles and actions, developing high-potentials and succession plans, and matching talent to roles. As a whole, this solution simplifies, speeds, and improves the quality of talent planning and decision making.

Watch “Welcome to Nerve Center: the Digital Future of Consulting”

Linking Talent to Value

Linking Talent to Value is a proprietary methodology developed in partnership with Sandy Ogg and It identifies the roles that drive the most value for an organization and ensures that these roles are filled by the best talent capable of delivering that value. This methodology breaks from the traditional idea of defining critical roles by hierarchy, instead focusing on those that have the greatest impact on value creation. Talent to Value aims to prioritize how CEOs and business leaders will develop and manage the talent in those critical roles, in pursuit of the organization’s value aspiration.

Talent System Assessment Tool (TSAT)

Talent System Assessment Tool (TSAT) is an online tool that quickly assesses your talent management practices. It produces insights that help us improve the fit of your organization’s HR processes with its businesses priorities.

HR360 Toolkit

HR360 Toolkit, an industry-leading HR transformation approach and benchmark database is built around three tools: an efficiency and effectiveness scan, a performance and quality assessment, and a root cause assessment. The Toolkit aids us in benchmarking and assessing how effective an HR function is and how efficiently it operates.

Top Team Effectiveness Survey

Top Team Effectiveness Survey generates data on how well the top team in an organization is functioning. The survey quantifies and benchmarks the top team's effectiveness in the areas of alignment, execution, and renewal. Results can help mobilize initiatives to strengthen strategic decision-making and build leaders’ capabilities.

McKinsey Talent Network (MTN)

McKinsey Talent Network (MTN) is a resource for identifying career opportunities and candidates at the executive and board levels. MTN draws on the strength and scale of McKinsey’s executive network to assist clients and senior alumni who appreciate the firm’s reputation for extraordinary talent. Initially launched in North America in 2014, MTN has expanded to the UK, Europe, India, the Middle East, and Africa. To inquire further or engage the MTN, email

McKinsey Academy

McKinsey Academy prepares executives to meet the evolving challenges of today and enhance their capabilities to lead successfully. McKinsey Academy offers a variety of leadership programs by level, role, and context. We bring together McKinsey experts, seasoned executives, and faculty from leading academic institutions to share their latest thinking, develop our clients’ leadership skills, and facilitate peer learning.

You can learn more about our leadership development and management capability building offerings here.


Org Lab is an innovative offering that unites the ease of drag-&-drop design software with the muscle of data and advanced analytics, proprietary expertise, and executive capability building. It generates an instant view of an entire organization from multiple angles, such as structure, spans and layers, and cost. Our Org Lab tool can also create a "fit-to-purpose" organizational design that reduces complexity. For you, this means clearer, faster organizational decision making.

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Organizational Health Index

Organizational Health Index (OHI) maps the DNA of your organization, providing insights into how your team is operating and what improvements are needed. Recommendations are based on benchmarks and proven recipes for success.

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Merger Management Academy

Merger Management Academy helps organizations develop the leadership capabilities required to achieve integration success. We provide just-in-time learning for all leaders involved in a merger—delivered through in-person workshops and digital modules—to ensure they capture the deal’s value.

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