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Why zero-based budgeting makes sense again

– Advanced digitization, enhanced behavioral understanding, and smarter organizational and governance models spark a renaissance for a decades-old methodology.

Customer experience

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Customer Experience

More insight into creating competitive advantage by putting customers first and managing their journeys.

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The great re-make: Manufacturing for modern times

– What does “great” operational excellence look like and how do we get there?

The work of leaders in a lean management enterprise

– Learn what successful lean leaders do to integrate new technologies and approaches, and to ensure that the practices that support continuous improvement also improve continuously.
Unlocking Industrial Resource Productivity

Unlocking Industrial Resource Productivity

– This e-book examines five core beliefs to increase profits through energy, material, and water efficiency.

Lean Management

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Supply-chain management in aerospace and defense: Cash is king—again

– A renewed focus on investment calls for A&D companies to unlock significant amounts of cash. The key will be knowing where... to look and what measures can free it up.

Trends in electric-vehicle design

– What did we learn from a teardown and benchmarking of ten EV models?
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Disruption, friction, and change: The hallmarks of a true transformation

– A company transformation is a holistic, top-priority endeavor that requires aggressive focus from the management team to reach... the full potential of a business.

A better fit: Tailoring the deployment model to suit the organization

– The right way to deploy a transformation depends on the nature of its goals, and on the structure, resources, and capabilities... of the organization.

Deployment models: How mature are your operational practices?

– Before setting out toward operational excellence, companies must see where they stand. A good maturity assessment provides more... than a set of coordinates: it also maps out the first steps.

Extended lean toolkit for total productivity

– Technology is on manufacturers’ side, but their next challenge is to create tools, infrastructure, and processes that turn rich... data into real performance improvement.

Navigating the digital future: The disruption of capital projects

– Digital technology is disrupting capital projects. Companies that want to emerge as leaders must transform their organizations... now.

Optimizing production in the age of the machine

– As machines play an ever more important role in production, companies need smarter and more holistic ways to optimize performance.

To make a transformation succeed, invest in capability building

– Companies can vastly raise the odds of success if they take the time to build the needed capabilities.

Secrets of successful change implementation

– What do successful implementers of change initiatives do differently from other companies? Our survey of more than 2,000 executives... yields actionable answers.

Performance management: Why keeping score is so important, and so hard

– The elements of a good performance-management system are simple, but integrating them into a business’s fundamental operating... system is more difficult than it seems.

Advancing manufacturing leadership

– Transforming a manufacturer’s performance usually means changing its culture—and that means its leaders must change... how they lead.

Leadership in innovation needs innovation in leadership

– As businesses face evolving challenges, four aspects of leadership will become dramatically more important: insight, integrity,... courage, and agility.

Don’t burn the ships: Sail for a new world of manufacturing performance

– While there’s no going back to a predigital, pretechnology age, much of what manufacturers already know will still be of... great value as they transform their performance.

Manufacturing quality today: Higher quality output, lower cost of quality

– Good quality doesn’t have to mean higher costs—in fact, it often means lower recall and warranty costs as a culture... of quality takes hold.

Same lean song, different transformation tempo

– Transformation isn’t new to manufacturers—but sustained transformation is rare. It’s even harder at today’s... fast pace, which calls for a different transformation approach. 


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