Zero-based budgeting

Zero-based budgeting

Put your money where your strategy is

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Produtividade base zero: o poder das escolhas fundamentadas

– Estender os princípios do orçamento base zero a toda a base de custos pode transformar o desempenho.

Zero-based productivity—Marketing: Measure, allocate, and invest marketing dollars more effectively

– Taking a zero-based budgeting approach to enterprise-wide marketing costs can uncover new opportunities and spur more-informed... spending decisions.

Zero-based budgeting revisited: Why this time is different

– This budgeting concept allows senior-leadership teams to put their money where their strategy is, aligning resources with business... priorities and setting the example from the top.

Zero-based budgeting—The dos and don’ts of lasting change

– Getting the most from zero-based budgeting requires deft action from the start. Here are some crucial lessons from the front lines.

Criando uma máquina de reinvestimento com o orçamento base zero

– Quando o orçamento base zero torna os investimentos tão rigorosos quanto as economias, o resultado é uma... máquina de reinvestimento que favorece o crescimento ano após ano.

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Its all about the mindset

The magic of zero-based budgeting is in the mindset of leaders and employees. Rather than cutting what you have, you identify what you need to drive strategic priorities.

ZBB: More than cost reduction

Listen in for the four key benefits of ZBB over traditional cost-cutting programs.

What can ZBB do for your business

The Fundamentals

What is ZBB?

Hear about the four pillars that characterize every successful ZBB transformation–and the critical enablers to make cost management a way of life.

Industry Perspectives


The truth about zero-based budgeting: ZBB for consumer-goods players

– Ten myths and realities illustrate the power and practicalities of zero-based budgeting for the consumer-packaged-goods industry.

Featured Experts

Alexander Edlich

Leads globally our corporate and business functions work, which helps institutions improve their general and administrative (G&A) activities and spend.

Kapil Chandra

Provides leading clients in the banking and insurance sectors with deep expertise in large-scale financial and strategic transformations.

Matt Jochim

Serves consumer packaged goods and retail clients on topics including selling, general and administrative expense (SG&A) optimization, zero-based budgeting (ZBB), supply-chain management, procurement, operating-model design, and merger management.

Søren Fritzen

Helps global consumer clients achieve strategic and operational excellence.

Kyle Hawke

Helps clients drive sustainable productivity improvements and align resources with strategy through the implementation of zero-based budgeting.

Carey Mignerey

Leads efforts across industries to manage costs and optimize organizational design and performance by applying leading-edge, zero-based–budgeting approaches

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