Voices on Infrastructure: The future of real estate
December 2016

Voices on Infrastructure: The future of real estate

One of the world’s most interesting industries, real estate contributes significantly to global GDP; it is also the bedrock of urbanization and has created immense wealth. But it is difficult to understand. Real estate is local in character, extremely cyclical, and often characterized by information asymmetry and lack of transparency. This issue of Voices explores the trends shaping the future of the industry, including customer-centricity, functional design, disruptive technology, transit-oriented development, and investment in emerging markets.

Articles in this issue


Building Asia’s cities of the future

– How one Asian developer is using planning and technology to make cities work for people.

Learning as a strategic necessity: Entering a global property market during a domestic boom

– China Vanke executive Zhang Xu describes how his real-estate company has met the challenges of overseas expansion.

Understanding real estate as an investment class

– When it comes to real estate, institutional investors are changing the terms of engagement.

Creating a ‘smart city’ from the ground up in India

– Palava shows a future that may work.

High Speed Two: Britain’s $65 billion rebalancing bet

– Improved rail connectivity could transform development opportunities—and the entire economy—in the United Kingdom.

Meeting millennials where they shop: Shaping the future of shopping malls

– The traditional shopping mall is under threat. Here is how to meet the needs of digital customers.

Learning from experience: How hosting the Olympics can leave a positive legacy

– Careful planning and an eye on the future can help the cities that host them.

Industrialized delivery systems and the future of real estate

– Real-estate developers should accept that business as they have known it is changing. By adopting new construction technologies,... they can improve delivery and affordability.



The global affordable housing challenge

Principal Sangeeth Ram presents the main ways government and the private sector can address the global affordable housing challenge.