Voices on Infrastructure: Productive Cities
June 2016

Voices on Infrastructure: Productive cities

More than half the world’s population lives in cities, and how urban environments evolve will be one of the defining features of the 21st century. This issue examines how infrastructure can meet people’s growing needs.

How to keep cities moving: Ideas for America’s urban leaders

– There are signs that America’s city dwellers are beginning to change the way they get around. Here is how city leaders can plan ahead.

Learn from the past, build for the future: Saudi Arabia’s new city on the Red Sea

– To build a city from scratch, create a solid economic foundation.

Rolling along: Bicycles, mobility, and the future of cities

– In an interview, Jay Walder of Motivate discusses how new services and technology are changing how city residents are getting around.

Sending the right infrastructure message

– How governments can encourage private-sector infrastructure investment.

Using ‘asset genetics’ to unlock hidden capital

– Understanding an infrastructure asset’s unique characteristics can extend its life span—and save money.

Public space and public values

– Copenhagen-based architect Helle Søholt discusses why residents of cities are the center of her urban-planning projects.

The power of collective action: Forging a global role for mayors

– By working together, cities can help solve global problems.

Videos from our Global Infrastructure Initiative

The global affordable housing challenge

Sangeeth Ram presents a blueprint of how the government and the private sector can address the global affordable housing challenge that negatively impacts 330 urban households around the world.

How to make a city great

What makes a great city? Jonathan Woetzel explains that when it comes to cities, greatness is a pursuit, a pursuit of a better versions of themselves.

The driverless city

MIT’s Carlo Ratti discusses how technology can enable cities to understand how people use infrastructures, to better meet the transportation needs of their citizens.

Digitization and infrastructure

Carl-Stefan Neumann presents how big data and digitization can help improve a city’s infrastructure.

Boosting infrastructure productivity to save $1 trillion a year

The world spends $9 trillion on infrastructure every year. Nicklas Garemo and Martin Hjerpe address how increasing infrastructure productivity can help save $1 trillion globally.