Voices on Infrastructure 2016
Spring 2016

Voices on Infrastructure: Novel solutions

This issue examines novel solutions to improving infrastructure delivery, with contributions from industry executives including Crossrail’s Andrew Wolstenholme, Heathrow’s Andrew Macmillan, and Hong Kong MTR’s Lincoln Leong.

The leadership challenge: Building the future of global infrastructure

– A survey of global infrastructure leaders defines the challenges to the industry—and how to address them.

The ‘Rail plus Property’ model: Hong Kong’s successful self-financing formula

– What can other cities learn from Hong Kong’s approach to transit?

Remember the people: The foundation for success in 21st-century infrastructure

– Infrastructure providers are used to focusing on issues of project selection, funding, and regulation. The most successful firms are learning to provide great consumer experiences too.

The Brazilian experience in financing infrastructure

– A former finance minister makes the case for openness and discusses “de-risking.”

Breaking the mold: How Crossrail’s Innovate 18 program works

– A major project in London figures out how to get new ideas flowing.

Managing big projects: The lessons of experience

– Most big infrastructure projects run late and over budget. Here’s how to do better.

The next generation of infrastructure

– Sustainable projects will add trillions to the world’s infrastructure costs. Our report finds that private-sector investors must look at new ways to fill the gap.

Improving disaster recovery

– When natural disasters strike, governments step up. Here’s how they can improve the odds of a successful long-term recovery.

Videos from our Global Infrastructure Initiative

The global affordable housing challenge

Sangeeth Ram presents a blueprint of how the government and the private sector can address the global affordable housing challenge that negatively impacts 330 urban households around the world.

How to make a city great

What makes a great city? Jonathan Woetzel explains that when it comes to cities, greatness is a pursuit, a pursuit of a better versions of themselves.

The driverless city

MIT’s Carlo Ratti discusses how technology can enable cities to understand how people use infrastructures, to better meet the transportation needs of their citizens.

Digitization and infrastructure

Carl-Stefan Neumann presents how big data and digitization can help improve a city’s infrastructure.

Boosting infrastructure productivity to save $1 trillion a year

The world spends $9 trillion on infrastructure every year. Nicklas Garemo and Martin Hjerpe address how increasing infrastructure productivity can help save $1 trillion globally.