Voices on Infrastructure Navigating big disruptions in transportation
September 2017

Voices on Infrastructure: Navigating big disruptions in transportation

In this issue of Voices, our authors weigh in on how public-sector authorities, shipping stakeholders, and senior leaders can and must adapt to new, evolving norms. We hope these thoughts illuminate ways in which today’s transportation leaders can adopt novel thinking on how to compete, succeed, and thrive. No one knows exactly how the future will play out, but it is clear it will look and operate much differently than it does today.

Articles in this issue


The department of transportation of the future

– Transportation will be dramatically different in ten years. To adapt, public entities and stakeholders must act today.

Disrupting transportation: We need to think bigger than cars

– Connectivity could dramatically change the commute of the future.

Who’s at the wheel? Changing culture and leadership to support innovation in autonomous vehicles

– The new world of transport will demand different skills, capabilities, and culture.

Redesigning the public transportation experience: London’s contactless card system

– The journey to a ticket-free transit system—and the path ahead.

‘A physical version of the Internet’: How Hyperloop could be the broadband of transportation

– Proponents of the high-speed technology envision an end-to-end revolution in transportation.

Electric road systems: The future of freight transport

– How electrification is helping Sweden meet its environmental sustainability goals.

Infrastructure for the evolution of urban mobility

– Self-driving vehicles, ride-hailing services, and other technologies are transforming urban mobility. To capture the benefits of the shift, cities will need sound infrastructure plans and investments.