Voices on Infrastructure: Major projects: Improving the odds of success
June 2018

Voices on Infrastructure: Major projects: Improving the odds of success

How do we improve outcomes on society’s largest, most complex projects?

Articles in this issue


Getting capital projects back on track: Six elements of a successful turnaround

– Leaders don’t want their projects to be in a turnaround situation, but that often happens. Here are some tactics for resolving problems quickly.

Collaborative contracting: Making it happen

– Full implementation of integrated project delivery (IPD) or other forms of alliance contracting isn’t for everyone. But everyone can and should implement collaborative contracting practices today to improve project outcomes.

How financial products can attract infrastructure capital from institutional investors

– By mitigating key risks of investing in major infrastructure projects in emerging markets, banks, governments, and international financial institutions can close the funding gap in developing Asia.

Smarter infrastructure: A solution to the productivity puzzle?

– What elements lay the groundwork for “smart infrastructure,” and how can the public sector drive them?
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

High stakes: How investors can manage risk in the new infrastructure environment

– Technology is disrupting construction on multiple fronts. What are the consequences for infrastructure-investment managers?

Rewiring contracts for collaboration

– Too many construction projects are traditionally founded on risk, not collaboration—a root cause of the sector’s low productivity. At the 2017 GII Summit, McKinsey partner Michael Della Rocca joined leaders from Atkins, Bentley Systems, and King Abdullah Economic City to discuss how relational contracting and shared incentives can create better outcomes for infrastructure and capital projects.