Voices on Infrastructure: Insights on project development and finance
March 2017

Voices on Infrastructure: Insights on project development and finance

This collection of articles by industry leaders and McKinsey experts focuses on the crucial opening phases of infrastructure projects: project development and financing. Smart development and stable financing can make the difference between a successful project and one that falls short. These elements, however, are often missing on projects ranging from toll roads in North America to renewable energy installations in Africa.

Articles in this issue


Taming the Mad Dog: Making oil projects work in a low-price environment

– BP’s Starlee Sykes discusses the future of deepwater development.

Final approach: Heathrow Airport prepares to land its third runway

– How and why Europe’s largest airport plans to manage a major expansion.

Private money and the public good: Promoting investment in American infrastructure

– Karl Kuchel of Macquarie Infrastructure Partners believes the United States could become a much bigger market.

The debate over private infrastructure financing in the United States

– Financing costs are higher, but the results are worth it.

Creating an infrastructure bank: Principles of success

– The key is to ask, and answer, the right questions.

More than four walls and a roof: Housing as an anchor in times of turbulence

– Singapore shows how an effective housing program can promote social and political stability.