Future proofing infrastructure
October 2018

Voices on Infrastructure: Future-proofing infrastructure in a fast-changing world

Infrastructure is a critical foundation for much of our economic activity and social life. This collection of insights explores how the industry can improve physical asset resilience, protect cities from stress, and prepare organizations for sweeping change.

Articles in this issue


Critical resilience: Adapting infrastructure to repel cyberthreats

– As the digital world becomes increasingly connected, it is no longer possible for infrastructure owners and operators to remain agnostic in the face of evolving cyberthreats. Here’s what they can do to build an integrated cyberdefense.

Climate resilience: Asset owners need to get involved now

– Climate-related risks are on the rise, and our critical infrastructure is underprepared. Both public and private infrastructure owners should pursue three actions immediately to shore up our assets.

Smarter cities are resilient cities

– Technology and data can help cities absorb future growth and weather any shocks that come their way.

Getting infrastructure projects right: A legal adviser’s view on standardization

– To promote wider adoption of document and process standardization in the infrastructure industry, public- and private-sector organizations should foster greater collaboration during the early stages of project development.

From resource to asset: Building a water-resilient Singapore

– The country’s long-term vision, use of innovative technologies, and stakeholder engagement efforts have been critical to its success.