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Industrial revolution or evolution?

– My whole life, I have been preoccupied with how to make things. My father innovated steel products in Germany, and when I studied engineering, I chose to learn about factory production.

Ops 4.0: the solution to the productivity puzzle?

– The current economic recovery is job-rich, but productivity-weak. While employment is high, labor productivity growth is near... historic lows in the United States and much of Western Europe.

The next frontier for line management – energizing women in Operations

– Facts and figures abound making the direct link between a more equitable gender balance in executive committees/ boards and bottom... line (and top-line) performance.

Ops 4.0 – The human factor: recognizing the capability challenge

– The Ops 4.0 revolution is well under way. Big data, advanced analytics, additive manufacturing, the Internet of Things, robotics,... artificial intelligence: Collectively, these technologies promise to transform business operations, raising quality, unleashing new levels of flexibility and boosting productivity by up to 20 percent.

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