‘Zero-base’ your organization: Design a workforce that fuels your strategy in three steps.

Join our upcoming webinar to hear how your peers are using a zero-based approach to drive a step-change in budgeting.
Zero-based budgeting

Join McKinsey partner Kyle Hawke, a leading expert in zero-based budgeting, on Wednesday, May 2nd, at 11:00 AM ET / 5:00 PM CET

Most companies plan head count incrementally over the previous year—often with a focus on cost—resulting in resources remaining where they have always been.

However, the speed of change in today’s marketplace demands that organizations are more nimble than ever. Many leading companies are realizing that “starting from zero” can yield significant gains, and companies that frequently reallocate resources outperform peers by 30 percent.

Learn more in this upcoming webinar where McKinsey partner Kyle Hawke will discuss the three steps needed to successfully break the incremental-planning approach – without a lengthy organizational re-design.

You’ll gain best practices for freeing resources from the places they’ve always been, as well as hear examples from other companies that successfully incorporated the zero-based approach into their existing financial-planning and management cadence.




Kyle Hawk
Partner, Atlanta

Kyle Hawke

As a part of McKinsey’s global Operations Practice, Kyle co-leads our work helping companies implement zero-based budgeting.

As a strategic advisor, Kyle has worked with and counseled senior executives across industries to better understand and manage the cost of their businesses. He has deep experience implementing cost management programs, optimizing indirect procurement, improving supply chain design, and boosting the performance of planning functions through digital solutions.

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