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Realizing Rapid Margin Improvements: Design-to-Value 4.0

Join us on Wednesday, December 4 at 12pm ET for an interactive webinar on Design-to-Value 4.0

In today’s world, maintaining a market-leading product position has become an increasingly daunting task - consumer expectations are at an all-time high, demand is shifting more swiftly than ever, big data is adding a layer of complexity to making informed decisions, and margins are plummeting downward.

Enter Design-to-Value (DtV) 4.0.

Learn more about McKinsey & Company’s unique approach that solves these market challenges by leveraging the latest digital and analytic capabilities to unlock large margin increases of 15% or more. Our DtV 4.0 approach will equip you with the necessary skills to enable rapid product margin improvements. Design-to-Value brings together a global network of laboratories and deep expertise to help organizations focus on value—not only cost—through the design and development of products and services. It improves products and margins by understanding the features customers value and what they should cost. By integrating the pillars of consumer, design, and supply insights, with modularity and platforms, DtV 4.0 revolutionizes product transformation.

Through this interactive webinar, McKinsey partners will share their expertise on all components of DtV. With state-of-the-art proprietary tools, a proven track record in over 1,250 engagements, and a history of analyzing more than 20,000 products, we can help you execute at scale and build sustainable capabilities along the way.

During this exclusive webinar, you will learn how DtV 4.0 can help you:

  • Add value where it matters -- Scale back on components customers don’t notice in order to increase ROI.
  • Build a deeper understanding – Use design thinking and incorporate customer feedback early and often. Leverage advanced analytics to scale insights.
  • Scale with digital tools -- Collect, track, and sustain changes across a portfolio of markets, products, and parts.
  • Simplify solutions wherever possible - Design out complexity, allocate resources with a focus on high returns, and use commonality to scale changes.
  • Realize value faster – Use the analysis, data, and insights required to speed up decision making, cut validation time, and rapidly move to execution.



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About the presenters

Partner, Denver

Mike Parkins

Mike Parkins is Partner based in McKinsey & Company’s Denver office. He is also a leader of McKinsey’s product development work, focusing primarily on complex industrial products as well as aerospace and defense. He has experience conducting design-to-value programs for aerospace, telecommunications-equipment, consumer-goods, and white-goods manufacturers, driving on average 15 percent product cost reduction. Prior to joining McKinsey, Mike has held roles involving manufacturing engineering, manufacturing strategy, new product introduction, and existing product improvements (such as value engineering), in the United States and Europe. Additionally, Mike has experience in operations, procurement, and product development.
Associate Partner, Atlanta

Kyle Zeman

Kyle Zeman joined McKinsey & Company in 2013 and is an Associate Partner in McKinsey’s Operations Practice in Atlanta. Kyle serves Industrial clients (Aerospace, Defense, Automotive) primarily on topics including new product development, Design To Value, and large-scale transformations. As a former Design to Value lab technician, Kyle has been at the helm of tearing down hundreds of products to understand cost-saving redesign opportunities.
Associate Partner, Silicon Valley

Daniel Anger

Daniel Anger joined McKinsey & Company’s Operations practice in 2011 and is an Associate Partner in the Silicon Valley Office. He is the co-leader of McKinsey’s Procurement and Design-to-Value practice for the Telecom, Media, & Technology (TMT) sector. By leveraging his more than 10 years of management consulting experience in both Europe and the US, Daniel establishes best-in-class organizations using expert cost reduction techniques.