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COVID-19: Leading your product development organization through the crisis

Webinar and roundtable series May – June 2020

COVID-19 has affected communities on multiple continents and solving this health challenge is everyone’s priority. As global leaders are working to respond and recover, there are implications for the wider economy, businesses, and employment.

Many product development and R&D leaders have to lead their organizations through these turbulent times. Initially, there was a strong focus on ensuring employee safety, stabilizing operations, and—eventually—preserving cash. As a next step, or in parallel, the product development team should start planning ahead for the “next normal”. This typically includes re-planning the product portfolio, revisiting the R&D core capabilities, and driving the transition to digital R&D or engaging in an agile transformation.

Join McKinsey’s product development and R&D experts for a four-part webinar and roundtable series that will deliver insights to heads of R&D, CTOs, and COOs. We will discuss the next steps R&D organizations can take in responding to the crisis, and what can help them lead during the recovery. We welcome you to join the whole series, however each webinar or roundtable can also be viewed in its own right.

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Introduction webinar

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Deep-dive roundtables

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For latest perspectives on the business implications of COVID-19, please visit; this page is updated regularly as the situation develops.