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Improving productivity and profitability: Future-proofing operations in low-volume/high-complexity industries

Join us on Tuesday, November 26, at 3:00 p.m. CET for an interactive webinar that will help organizations address both long-term and new challenges in low-volume/high-complexity industries.

Manufacturers in the low-volume/high-complexity (LV/HC) industries have long-faced challenges relating to product and portfolio complexity, demand fluctuation, and asset utilization. The increased pace of technological innovation and changing market dynamics means that the time to address these challenges is now.

Given the complex nature of organizations in this industry, there is no “one size fits all” approach that will future-proof operations. Instead, each business must find its own route, defining its starting point, target market, and aspirations in this fast-changing landscape.

In today’s unpredictable business environment, anticipating change is the order of the day. There is a major opportunity to build the foundational stones that will drive productivity and help to capture new growth. What is required is a clear road map and the financial freedom to change direction. A set of core principles can help you chart a discrete (or unique) course to improve efficiency and remain competitive.

Led by McKinsey experts Nico Berhausen and Ricardo Moya-Quiroga Gomez, this interactive webinar will use real-life case studies and interactive discussions with the following goals:

  • help you define objectives and plan a road map to reach your organization’s aspirations
  • provide new insights to help you target the right challenges to address
  • showcase a series of successful case studies of players who have started on this journey and the tools they used to support them on their way

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About the presenters

Partner, Munich

Nico Berhausen

Nico is a partner based in McKinsey’s Munich office. He is a leader in McKinsey’s Operations Practice and advises clients in the automotive and machinery industry. Nico’s areas of expertise and experience include product innovation and development, strategic product management, postmerger and multi–business unit synergy management as well as performance improvement.
Partner, Munich

Ricardo Moya-Quiroga Gomez

Ricardo is a partner in McKinsey’s Munich office and is the founder and leader of McKinsey’s operational work on low-volume/high-complexity industries. His primary focus areas include manufacturing and supply-chain issues across industries with tangible products such as automotive, high-tech, and packaging. Ricardo’s expertise ranges from delivering value-creation opportunities through synergies in footprint and debottlenecking assets to strategic decisions like new site selections, ramping up management, and Industry 4.0.