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Analytics-to-Value: Achieving the next level of product-cost optimization

Join us on Wednesday, April 8 at 11am CET to learn how Analytics-to-Value can help organizations realize the next level of product-cost optimization

Organizations are facing greater profitability challenges than ever, due to changing growth dynamics, political headwinds, regulatory requirements, and technological disruption. And for many organizations operating within advanced industries, these challenges are often multiple and simultaneous, resulting in significant cost pressure. In particular:

  • Growing political and economic uncertainty
  • Disruption from new competitors and market entrants from emerging markets
  • Requirements to implement new technologies—autonomous driving, connectivity, electrification in the automotive industry, and 5G in telecommunications—resulting in significant cost increases that customers aren’t willing to absorb

As a result, product-cost optimization is a major concern for leaders across industries, with CPOs and CTOs at OEMs and suppliers looking for solutions to counter the profitability challenge.

On April 8, our experts Hubert Heersche, Björn Bierl, and Christian Doppler will share tools and techniques to help organizations rise to the challenge.

Attendees will be able to take an in-depth look at the next level of product-cost optimization, ‘Analytics-to-Value’. Evolving from traditional functional-cost optimization, Design-to-Cost and Design-to-Value, Analytics-to-Value will:

  • Uncover cost-optimization opportunities through advanced analytics tools and digital workflows
  • Scrutinize the entire supply chain and product lifecycle to optimize cost end-to-end (from concept to aftersales, considering quality, supply chain, packaging, and other cost categories)
  • Build on learnings from agile working principles to maximize team efficiency and effectiveness

Join the discussion and learn how Analytics-to-Value can achieve a step change in product-cost optimization.

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About the presenters

Partner, Munich

Björn Bierl

Björn is a co-leader of McKinsey’s product cost optimization work, focusing on next-level offerings involving advanced analytics across technical, commercial, and customer value levers. He has experience in product cost optimization in the automotive sector (OEMs and tier 1 suppliers, volume and premium), as well as low-volume machinery/high-tech sector.
Partner, Amsterdam

Hubert Heersche

Hubert is a leader in McKinsey’s Product Development practice. After joining McKinsey in 2007, he served many industrial and high-tech companies. He focuses on operations work on topics such as Design-to-Value and procurement.
Associate Partner, Frankfurt

Simon Braun

Simon is a co-leader of the Analytics-to-Value evolution project, with focus on advanced analytics approaches in procurement and technical optimization. He is specialized in procurement and product development and led >10 product cost optimization transformations across industries. Simon also led the development and implementation of a digital product cost optimization tool on large-scale supplier cost break-down analyses.
Expert Associate Principal, Stuttgart

Christian Doppler

Christian has extensive experience in Analytics-to-Value with focus on commercial and design levers. He works mostly for Automotive OEMs and suppliers. Within the Product Optimization service line, he is responsible for supply optimization.