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From cutting costs to driving productivity: A fresh look at zero-based budgeting


Zero-based budgeting (ZBB) has more to offer than cost-cutting. Look beyond tales of indiscriminate budget cuts and approach ZBB with a productivity mindset, and it becomes a powerful engine to drive growth. It promotes cost-consciousness, asset allocation, and a new way of working throughout an organization to help you spend wisely, allocate swiftly, and operate digitally.

Learn more about the potential offered by McKinsey’s zero-based productivity (ZBP) approach and best practice on its implementation by requesting a replay of this webinar. Including real-life scenarios, it demonstrates how ZBP can create a future that will allow you to:

  • Strengthen, speed up and simplify your budget activity by using digital solutions
  • Create a continuous process where productivity does not fizzle out with time
  • Empower employees and leaders through a culture of ownership
  • Consistently and quickly reallocate resources towards profitable growth
  • Invest additional budget in new products and markets

All of this can be done through the implementation of ZBP as a repeatable process which will rigorously challenge every dollar in the business, manage financial performance, and drive accountability and performance management.

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About the presenters

Partner, Washington D.C.

Kyle Hawke

Kyle is a partner in our Washington, D.C. office, and co-leads McKinsey’s global Operations Practice helping companies implement zero-based productivity. Kyle has worked with senior executives across industries to better understand their cost base, sustainably reduce operating expenses, and realign resources to enable their strategy. He has led more than a dozen of the world’s largest zero-based productivity implementation efforts across industries and four continents and, in doing so, has advised more than 100 McKinsey clients and teams through program design, implementation, capability building, and target setting.
Associate Partner, Vienna

Hanspeter Hueter

Hanspeter is an Associate Partner in our Vienna office. He co-leads the European ZBP practice. Hanspeter has several years of experience as restructuring banker as well as +10 years of experience developing and implementing transformation programs - in particular in ZBP.
Associate Partner, Atlanta

Mili Bustamante

Mili is an Associate Principal in our Atlanta Office. She is a core leader in Service Operations Practice and the Consumer Practice. She has led many G&A and people-based transformations, including ZBP and ZBO. Mili focuses on B2C clients, particularly in retail and CPG.