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Corporate & Business Functions

Turning business support into business value

Transform business-support functions

Accelerate your impact by examining performance and efficiency within and across functions such as finance, HR, procurement, legal, and others.

Develop and scale shared-service centers

Design, implement, and improve end-to-end general and administrative processes in captive or outsourced models from delivery centers around the world. Reorganize centers to capitalize on economies of scale while receiving benefits of speed, accuracy, consistency, and, most of all, internal-customer satisfaction.

Capture value through zero-based productivity

Put your money where your strategy is by using zero-base principals to challenge approaches to planning and spending across your organization. Productivity programs are tied into top-down targets to create cost-management transparency throughout your support functions.

Integrate digital capabilities through automation at scale

Recognize which business-support functions would benefit from digital and automation technologies and plan and implement their use across your organization. Find the right external service providers for your needs—ones that will help you to unlock maximum value from new technology.


productivity increase


capacity increase


increase in internal
customer satisfaction

Featured Capabilities

We offer clients a wide range of tools and capabilities to help create a lasting impact.

Leading edge diagnostics

Conduct a 360-degree assessment of corporate and business functions based on rich data and insights stemming from transformation programs across more than 3,500 clients globally. Online surveys and expert interviews boost value-added services based on best practices and the voice of the customer.

Cloud based platforms

Leverage cloud-based digital tools to manage the transformation journey from end to end. Use proprietary digital tools to clarify the current state and set targets for spending, organization structure, and performance. Dovetail with Wave for an integrated solution to manage projects from idea to implementation.

Transformation play books 

Rely on tried and true planning of implementation methodology to help stand up the new operating model.

McKinsey Capability Center 

Use experiential and other proven learning techniques to demonstrate leading practices, develop skills, and create executive commitment.

Featured Insights


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