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Power-up your productivity: Realize 30-50% gains with the Next Gen Operating Model

Join us on April 17, 2019 at 10am ET / 4 pm CET for an interactive webinar on the power of the Next Generation Operating Model

As organizations face increasing customer demands, productivity stagnation, and the constraints of complex regulatory frameworks, a Next Generation Operating Model has the power to create a step change in both efficiency and customer satisfaction through multi-lever transformation.

The model enables organizations to sharpen their focus on the most impactful customer journeys by leveraging cross-functional teams working in tandem to unlock upwards of 30% productivity gains.

Led by McKinsey partners Jasper van Ouwerkerk and Rohit Sood, this interactive webinar will guide you through the power of the Next Generation Operating Model through assessing end to end customer journeys and business processes.

Through real life case studies and interactive discussions, webinar attendees will discover how to:

  • Think holistically about delivering end to end customer experiences, while avoiding silos in your organization
  • Reimagine the customer experience to reveal hidden opportunities
  • Use multiple technologies and capabilities (such as digitization, advanced analytics, intelligent process automation, business process outsourcing, and lean process redesign) in an integrated and well-sequenced way to build momentum on productivity improvements
  • Make sure to build organizational capabilities throughout the transformation to enable long-term impact sustainability

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About the presenters

Senior Partner, Amsterdam

Jasper van Ouwerkerk

Jasper is a Senior Partner based in Amsterdam office, where he leads McKinsey’s work in Service Operations. Jasper works with clients to shape large-scale capability transformation programs, including digitization, in sectors as varied as financial services, telecommunications, energy, consumer goods, and government. He has been instrumental in innovating transformation processes within services industries through lean, cross-silo customer-journey optimization, and digitization.
Senior Partner, Toronto

Rohit Sood

Rohit is a Senior Partner based in Toronto, and leads McKinsey’s North American Digital Operations Practice. He brings digital-operations and lean-management expertise to help clients in the banking, insurance, retail, and healthcare sectors win in new ways. His work addresses a broad range of performance-improvement challenges, including operating-model design, end-to-end process optimization, management capability building that leverages lean approaches, and footprint optimization.