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McKinsey Capability Center (MCC) Munich

This Center offers a broad spectrum of training on many functional areas, including sourcing, product development, supply chain management, B2B pricing, and service operations. It also covers more specialized topics like digital marketing and performance leadership.

MCC Munich also provides an oversight function for two other model factory locations:

  • the McKinsey Model Factory for Energy Productivity, developed in partnership with the Technical University of Munich
  • the Center for Industrial Productivity (CiP), developed with the Technical University of Darmstadt

A call center, a bank, government agency

With 10,000 square feet (1,000 square meters) of floor space, MCC Munich can accommodate 80 participants. During most programs, participants are assigned to “work” at fictitious companies that closely mirror their real-life counterparts. For instance, we created a model bank branch, mortgage factory, and call center to provide integrated training on service operations. A single training program could address strategies for reducing wait times for tellers, eliminating back-office inefficiencies in the mortgage process, and improving customer service at the call center. “This training is so realistic it resembles my own experience—both as a customer and as a branch manager,” said one participant.

Given our widespread client base, the lessons taught here are not sector specific. For example, our service operations training program is focused on bank-related issues, but the skills learned could be applied to filling orders at a retail store, addressing customer complaints at a telecommunications company or even handling an application for a driver’s license in the public sector.

Selling wine: a taste of online marketing

For digital marketing, participants work with a real online merchant, Vinoya, which sells more than 4,000 wines through its web site ( We ask client teams to develop strategies for increasing Vinoya’s sales—for instance, by changing the design or content of the company’s web site or creating innovative social media strategies. Participants can track their progress by monitoring changes in sales, web site hits, and other metrics. They can then apply their insights to develop a digital marketing plan at their own companies.

MCC Munich was recently recognized as a “Selected Landmark” in the “Germany—Land of Ideas” initiative, jointly sponsored by the German government and private industry. It is designed to showcase the institutions in Germany that embody innovation, ingenuity, and resourcefulness.

Other centers


McKinsey Capability Center (MCC) Atlanta

In this center, two types of manufacturing—continuous-process flow and discrete-part assembly—are brought together under one roof to facilitate hands-on experiential learning.