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CAD to Cleansheet

Instantly cleansheet new product designs with automated CAD integration

Early 3-D costing systems forced users to trade speed of analysis for control, transparency, and flexibility to cover the total cost of acquisition. Computer-aided design (CAD) to Cleansheet automatically translates the geometry of a 3-D CAD model into a full Cleansheet cost model. It enables users to interact with the cost model at any step of the analysis, understand and modify decisions, or implement their own cost models.

How CAD to Cleansheet helps clients

Speed to impact

Our automated analysis increases the speed of building accurate cost models 10 to 50 times faster than that of manual solutions.

Real-time decision-making

With CAD to Cleansheet, costing experts from procurement to engineering can see the real-time cost implications of their design alternatives and make changes live.

Depth of analysis

Costing experts who use CAD-to-Cleansheet modeling can analyze costs at a level of granularity that would be impractical without an automated solution.

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