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Global Infrastructure Initiative

Convening the world’s most senior leaders in infrastructure and capital projects to identify ways to improve the delivery of infrastructure and get more out of existing assets.

Our approach is to stimulate change by building a community of global leaders who exchange ideas and find practical solutions to improve how we plan, finance, build, and operate infrastructure.

Our research suggests up to 40 percent of global infrastructure and capital project investment is poorly spent because of bottlenecks, lack of innovation, and market failures. McKinsey established the GII to address these issues, promote economic growth, and contribute to more resilient and secure communities.

Since 2012, GII has hosted six global summits, and over fifty regional roundtables and innovation site visits. The best insights and practices from across the value chain, sectors, and geographies are featured in our Voices on Infrastructure publication.

The sixth GII Summit was held virtually on June 10—11, 2020, and focused on resetting amid the COVID-19 crisis. The next GII Summit will convene virtually, on April 6—8, 2021, and focus on the “project of the future.”

Voices on Infrastructure

Quarterly curated insights by McKinsey and industry leaders on today’s pressing issues in infrastructure and capital projects

Site Visits

Bringing leaders to some of the most exciting developments in infrastructure to build knowledge, and inspire action


Bringing experts together to share solutions around critical infrastructure issues in regions across the globe

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