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Afiniti alliance

Optimize the pairing of contact center agents with customers

Our strategic alliance combines McKinsey’s deep expertise in customer care and contact center optimization with Afiniti’s enterprise behavioral pairing technology.

While customer care is moving increasingly towards digitization and automation, research shows that customers still greatly value human interaction for help with complex tasks. Providing empathetic and personalized interactions can help improve customer perceptions of a company, increase retention rates, and provide irreplaceable upsell/cross sell opportunities that might otherwise be lost.

However, delivering these customer care experiences can be challenging—especially in large-scale operations.

McKinsey’s alliance with Afiniti provides clients with the technology and capabilities necessary for matching customers with the appropriate agents. Our approach works to increase operational effectiveness through optimizing service-to-sales and overall customer experience metrics.

Our Joint Offering


McKinsey’s Customer Care Practice leverages a global team of more than 100 expert practitioners to drive contact center transformations for the world’s most well-respected, frontline-heavy companies.

McKinsey provides the approaches, tools, and capability building techniques necessary to ensure significant and lasting impact.


Afiniti transforms how enterprises pair customers with employees. Through machine learning algorithms, Afiniti identifies subtle and valuable patterns of human interaction in order to pair individuals on the basis of behavior, leading to more successful interactions and measurable improvement in enterprise profitability.

Afiniti works to deliver 2-6 percent performance increases across revenue, cost, and customer experience metrics.

McKinsey’s customer care practice by the numbers


Dedicated customer care specialists across 3 continents


Clients served over the past two years


Improvement in contact center operations

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