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We ensure that clients achieve bottom-line results by working with them from project initiation through implementation.
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  • Preparing for success. To prepare clients for a successful implementation, we use McKinsey's Implementation Capability Excellence tool, which identifies potential implementation challenges and skill gaps. We also apply other proprietary skill assessments and performance-improvement diagnostics, depending on client needs. Based on our detailed assessment of objectives, client capabilities, and risks, we will work with the client to design a customized implementation program, complete with tailored deployment of our implementation consultants, priorities, roles, accountabilities and roll-out plans.

    In the words of one client executive, "One of the best things was how practical everything was...The McKinsey team didn't just come here with a cookie-cutter toolkit—they used judgment to build on what we had already."

  • Aligning leadership and organization. Our goal is to deliver results by ensuring that all employees understand the purpose of the implementation and how their daily work will change. As such, we work with top client managers to design a vision for each transformation and align on priorities, ensuring that this message and action carries through to the front line.
  • Building execution, technical, and leadership capability. Companies cannot achieve their desired results unless they have dedicated and talented employees to support implementation as well as the technical and leadership skills needed to work in the new way. We help to prepare employees by assessing and benchmarking current skill levels and identifying areas that require improvement within each group and function. We also develop the future change leaders of a company—the people who will have responsibility for sustaining results and providing guidance as the transformation increases in scale. We have many techniques to develop skills that are tailored to the needs of each client, spanning on-line to in-person delivery, individual to large group training. This is complemented by our implementation consultants providing on-site coaching and serving as informal mentors.
  • Managing implementation programs. To help clients obtain results as soon as possible, we can set up program management offices (PMOs) or supplement existing ones to drive progress in the line organization. The scope of a PMO can cover developing business cases, providing overall governance, identifying risks, and monitoring developments. Specialized PMO tools are also available to assist with management tasks. For instance, our Wave tool provides a common Web-based platform that project teams use to create a balanced portfolio of initiatives, track progress, and measure impact.
  • Managing performance. Clients understandably want measurable results—improvement that they can track and document, such as increases in productivity and sales. During each transformation, we help clients establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and goals linked to the bottom line, allowing them to track progress clearly. We also ensure that all employees understand how their role creates value for the organization and provide them with clear guidance on performance goals and improvement strategies. For managers, we can suggest a range of performance-management tools, including visual score cards and incentive systems.
  • Building a continuous improvement engine. Although performance transformations deliver impressive results, companies should always strive for further gains. To ingrain a culture of continuous improvement, we help clients embed new practices and skills into their organizations while simultaneously looking for additional opportunities to improve performance. McKinsey Implementation can provide ongoing coaching or part-time onsite support to promote continuous improvement.