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McKinsey Implementation
McKinsey Implementation helps make change happen. We work with you to ensure results are delivered and to build your teams’ capabilities to continue the transformation and sustain impact.

Experienced change leaders

McKinsey Implementation consultants bring deep pattern recognition and a track record for delivering results in complex organizations. They help strengthen and align leadership, transform processes, optimize management practices, and shift mind-sets across all levels in an organization.

Execution focused

With an average of 10 plus years of experience in line management and implementation roles across functions and industries, our consultants bring leadership and coaching skills to help your teams tackle the most challenging change efforts.

Cutting-edge implementation tools

Our implementation consultants bring proprietary tools and assets for capability building, coaching, and complex program management. They also tap into McKinsey’s industry and functional resources to ensure client success.

Flexibility and long-term support

To accommodate the unique needs of each phase of a transformation, we customize our on-the-ground teams according to size, intensity, seniority, and duration of support until the desired results are achieved.

What we do

Strategy implementation

We work with organizations to execute proposed strategies and tactics in both existing and newly formed businesses.

Capability building and coaching

We help build the technical, leadership, and implementation skills for employees across all levels.

Program management

We work with you to build and operate program- and project-management functions to accelerate improvements under way.

Improvement replication

We pilot improvements and then scale them for fast results in large, complex organizations.

Cash generation

We help deliver quick, substantial cash from operational and commercial improvements.

Change management

We diagnose barriers to successful implementation and design interventions for achieving sustainable results.

Featured capabilities

McKinsey Academy

McKinsey Academy accelerates transformations by unlocking the power of people


Find out how this web-based program-management tool supports transformation and change programs—and helps organizations monitor, quantify, and sustain results.

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