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Modernize core technology

Enterprise Architecture and IT Modernization

We work with clients to develop a modern IT architecture that improves their business performance, driving revenue, flexibility and speed, while optimizing IT spend.

Digital companies take the interaction with their customers to a new level. They simplify customer experience while introducing more value adding services. At the same time, they use technology to constantly optimize their own processes. As a result, the role of IT has profoundly changed. Organizations increasingly become technology companies through fundamental shifts in their core IT capabilities.

One of the core challenges for established organizations is the integration of the inevitable patchwork of systems. This typically fails to deliver the material results and the added value that CEOs demand. The need to rapidly add new capabilities further increases the complexity of IT in large enterprises. This leads to overwhelming cost of maintenance and change, as well as response times slowed to unacceptable levels. As organizations strive to compete with digital natives, we can help them adopt a much different approach to designing and managing enterprise architecture.

Our approach emphasizes continual changes and modular design of business capabilities as well as the technologies & data behind them. It compels executives to take a comprehensive view of their estate across different shifts, allowing to manage them in a way that mitigates interdependencies and emphasizes speed with relentless focus on customer value. Our work with companies exploring digital transformations suggests that a shift to a modular perpetual-evolution model can result in optimized IT spend, faster product-development cycles and greater operational efficiencies—outcomes that are in sync with customers’ expectations.

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