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Today’s leading organizations leverage digital to stay competitive and grow their business

Digital 20/20 assesses an organization’s digital and analytics maturity to discover digital opportunities, identify gaps between current capabilities and those of digital leaders, and execute a prioritized road map of high-impact transformation initiatives. This data-driven, diagnostic approach helps CxOs and functional leadership teams align around a common vision and strategy across key digital dimensions.

Our assessments

Digital 20/20’s online, survey-based diagnostics leverage expert-developed questions to assess an organization’s current capabilities, benchmark answers against peer results and best practices. Our experts walk through the survey results, working with clients to apply best practices and establish a clear plan for closing performance gaps.
Our comprehensive report provides:
  • capability scores by performance dimension
  • a detailed explanation of the best practices contributing to each score
  • a breakdown of the results by function, market, seniority level, and other relevant cuts
  • a prioritized list of capability-building initiatives and improvement levers

Discover your digital opportunity


Measure the organization’s digital maturity, assess management practices, and test your digital disruption readiness


Assess the organization’s analytics maturity along key dimensions that drive financial performance


Optimize IT operations and modernize technology to re-invest into digital growth initiatives


Assess your technology organization’s Agile and DevOps capabilities to increase release frequency and improve output quality


Evaluate your organization’s digital marketing maturity and improve key capabilities to accelerate growth and fuel client experience


Foster the right organizational culture around digital and secure the breadth and depth of talent required to deliver on strategic aspirations


Identify and address the gaps creating barriers to automation

Digital 20/20 Overview

Tanguy Catlin, a Senior Partner out of the Boston office, explains why digital transformations are a priority today, and how Digital 20/20 helps management teams measure their digital capabilities and discover the most impactful opportunities for improvement.


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qualitative and quantitative technology KPIs


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