Optimize technology for digital

Digital is driving new expectations from IT organizations and making CxOs rethink how IT operates. CIOs are challenged to become more customer-centric in designing and launching new capabilities with a focus on increasing the clock speed on innovation, while simultaneously better integrating capabilities and best practices across legacy and born-digital assets through simplified operations and delivery.

Digital 20/20 technology assessments provide CIOs and technology leaders with data-driven insights into current strengths and limitations of the IT organization.

The gained insights help to accelerate adoption of next-generation technologies such as cloud, modernize core IT, drive Agile and DevOps performance at scale, and optimize spend.

Digital Technology Assessment

The Digital Technology Assessment analyzes technology spend, productivity and technology capabilities to identify opportunities to reinvest resources into strategic growth initiatives and modernize IT operations for digital enablement.
The assessment’s results and the generated recommendations help IT leaders identify areas of significant spend variation compared with peers, free resources from non-value-added activities, and prioritize cost-optimization opportunities based on business objectives. The gained insights provide answers to a CIO’s most critical questions:

Where are we over- and under-spending on IT? What are the key drivers of that variance?

How can I modernize the IT organization to enable digital?

How mature are my organization’s IT capabilities to deliver on digital initiatives?

Digital Infrastructure

The Digital Infrastructure assessment evaluates a company’s current infrastructure efficiency and maturity levels, including the level of adoption of Next Generation technologies such as cloud and cybersecurity, and provides actionable recommendations on how to improve around three key dimensions: spend and productivity, capabilities and cloud transformation.

Spend and productivity

Are we over-spending on infrastructure and FTEs? Are we properly using our assets? What are we spending per production unit and how does it compare to our peers?


Is our infrastructure ready for cloud migration, next-generation technologies and big data processing? Which areas of the ticketing processes need lean IT?

Cloud transformation

Have we properly scoped a migration program and roadmap? Are our systems ready from security and compliance standpoints? Is our infrastructure prepared for a digital threat?

TechOps & Delivery Excellence

For organizations providing technology as a service, the TechOps & Delivery Excellence assessment drives lean transformations and provides answers to critical operational questions.
TechOps & Delivery Excellence leverages automated data capture techniques, analysis tools, industry expertise, and an in-depth benchmarking database to measure an organization across four key dimensions for assessing operations: fully-loaded costs and FTEs, next-generation delivery readiness, process maturity, and resource management.
By analyzing ticket data, assessing code quality, and identifying the root causes of delivery inefficiency, TechOps & Delivery Excellence helps companies reduce costs, increase productivity, and drive development improvements across all areas of the organization.

Are we spending time and effort on non-core and low priority activities?

Where in the ticket-handling process can we implement automation?

How can we improve the quality and efficiency of support operations?

Are teams employing coding and application development best practices?

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