Build a winning digital strategy

Having a holistic view of the organization’s current digital state and the capabilities needed to advance its digital agenda are crucial for a successful transformation. Digital 20/20’s strategy assessments provide CxO teams with answers to their most pressing questions:

Which areas should we focus on when we launch our digital transformation?

How do we accelerate our digital transformation and ensure its success?

How do we align leadership around short- and long-term digital investment priorities?

Are we well-equipped to capture digital opportunities?

Digital Quotient

Digital Quotient® (DQ) measures an organization’s performance across four key dimensions of digital maturity. Executives use the results to compare their performance against hundreds of organizations and digital leaders, identify their digital strengths and weaknesses across business units, and prioritize the initiatives of greatest potential impact.


Are we aligned around a vision? Are goals in place to meet short- and long-term digital-business aspirations?


Are we fostering the mindsets and behaviors critical to capturing digital opportunities?


Do we have the right structures, processes, and talent in place to execute our digital strategy?


Do we have the systems, tools, digital skills, and technology to achieve our digital goals?

Impact Story

How a Major Insurance Company Used Digital Quotient to Align their Transformation Roadmap

Senior Partner Tanguy Catlin explains how the Digital Quotient identified an opportunity to improve an organization's digital culture and dramatically improve the effectiveness of their call center.

Digital Capabilities

Digital Capabilities (DC) is a 360° objective benchmark of the set of core digital capabilities needed to enable an organization’s digital strategy. The Digital Capabilities assessment measures more than 20 digital capabilities along six dimensions.

Data-driven insights

Is our data ecosystem comprehensive? Have we built a strong data infrastructure with robust analytics? Do we approach customers with a 360° view when targeting our products and services?

Integrated customer experience

Are we able to focus on customer-centric design? Are we optimizing our customer’s decision journey?

Digital marketing

Are we leveraging digital for our marketing processes and Key Performance Indicator measurement? Are we leveraging performance marketing channels and techniques?

Digitally-enabled operations

Are the organization’s sales and service interactions digitized? Are fulfillment processes streamlined and automated?

Next-gen technology

Is the organization’s IT architecture flexible? Can it scale? How vulnerable is our cybersecurity? Are we utilizing agile methodologies?

Digital enablers

Does the organization’s culture, governance, and strategy allow for digital innovation?

Digital Disruption Index

The Digital Disruption Index (DDI) highlights emergent digital disruptions, identifies areas of vulnerability, and evaluates the organization’s ability to capture new digital opportunities.

The Digital Disruption Index helps organizations:

  • understand the underlying risks and digital trends affecting their industry and business model
  • gain insights into their immediate and long-term vulnerabilities
  • identify which initiatives can increase their digital resilience

Instead of waiting to see how peers react to digital disruption, executives use this bottom-up approach to plan for digital disruption and capitalize on emerging trends. The results help answer three key questions:

How quickly will digital disrupt the industry?

How well equipped is the organization to capture digital opportunities and respond to digital disruptions?

What parts of our business model or ecosystem are most vulnerable to digital disruption?

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