Is your culture ready for digital?

Creating a culture with the right people and mindsets is critical to a digital transformation’s success. However, many organizations struggle to secure the right talent to foster digital innovation and effectively support employees to execute on strategic aspirations.
Organizations need to benchmark the digital culture, mindsets, and behaviors both internally and against digital leaders to prioritize the cultural interventions that support key digital objectives.

Digital Culture Index

The Digital Culture Index identifies the cultural shifts required for digital transformations. The assessment focuses on four dimensions:


Is there enough cross-team collaboration? Are we aligned around clear business goals?


Do employees understand how they affect customer relations? Do we have a consistent view of our customers’ needs and does it inform daily decision-making?

Employee action

Is there enough accountability within teams? Does the organization encourage innovation, autonomy, and risk-taking?

Speed and performance

Do we have an up-to-date vision of industry trends and do we refresh it frequently? Do we attract and retain the talent we need to execute our digital initiatives?

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