Measure and track your Agile & DevOps transformation

Leading organizations are adopting agile to dramatically improve development and delivery processes. A successful agile transformation requires a team-wide strategy spanning people, structure, process, and technology.


Agile360 analyzes an organization’s Agile and DevOps capabilities to generate team-specific recommendations for reducing time to market, increasing collaboration, and improving quality. Agile360 combines performance data (e.g., release frequency, development time) with team member surveys to assess a technology organization across five key dimensions of Agile:


How does our release frequency compare to best practices? Are we taking too long between development and deployment?


Are we increasing sprint production at the right rate? Is each team member contributing to production goals?


How do we compare to peers across service availability, change failure rate, and mean time to recover?

Business value

Are we delivering enough business value in comparison to our commitments?


Are team members engaged with the work they’re doing? Do certain teams have higher engagement than others?

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