Evaluate your digital marketing capabilities

Organizations looking to raise their marketing game often lack the digital capabilities needed for success today. CMOs need to answer critical questions before launching a digital transformation:

Are we using the latest technology to engage with our customers?

Do we have the right talent in place to support our digital marketing strategy?

How do we optimize marketing spend and measure it effectively?

Digital Marketing Capabilities Assessment

The Digital Marketing Assessment is a comprehensive benchmark of the extensive set of digital marketing capabilities enabling an organization’s digital strategy. The resulting insights become core to a digital transformation program, informing priorities and sequencing opportunities for growth in digital marketing. The organization’s capabilities are benchmarked around eight dimensions of digital marketing:


Are we integrating third-party and customer data into our analytics?


How does our marketing stack compare to peers? Are we using the best marketing automation and data management platforms?


Do we have the right digital marketing culture, organization, and strategy in place?


Are we effectively planning successful campaigns? Do we have the right workflow management and budgeting in place?


Are we creating personalized, SEO-optimized content? Do we have the right planning, production, and curation processes?


Are we using SEO and experiential marketing techniques? Are we taking advantage of social media opportunities?


Are we using real-time dashboards? Are we tagging, segmenting, and using models?


Do we have the right portfolio and agency strategy? Do we have the right compensation structure and briefing processes in place?

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