Identify and address the gaps creating barriers to automation

Many organizations are moving toward automated business processes, but a large number fail to meet their expected targets for a variety of reasons. We pinpoint the factors that are preventing organizations from realizing their full potential and help them capture the benefits of automation.

Automation 20/20

Automation 20/20 assesses four key dimensions affecting successful adoption of automation. We partner with you to analyze results, compare your performance with other organizations, and prioritize recommended interventions that could have the greatest potential impact.


Are automation and business objectives linked in a multiyear, enterprise-level transformation road map? Is progress against expected return on investment systematically tracked?


Is automation embraced as an enabler of new opportunities? Is experimentation, even if it fails, rewarded?


Are business and IT leadership engaged on automation topics? Do you have HR support to drive critical training, change management, and communications initiatives?


Do you have an experienced expert team equipped with the right automation technologies? Are you able to scale automation initiatives?

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