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Most organizations recognize the disruptive effect data and analytics are having on their industry. However, few have defined an analytics vision and strategy. Fewer still can integrate analytical insights into their business processes.
The Analytics Quotient (AQ) evaluates an organization’s current analytics maturity, identifies strengths and weaknesses, and prioritizes initiatives to drive analytics transformation programs.

Analytics Quotient

The Analytics Quotient (AQ) is organized around six key dimensions:


Do we have a compelling analytics vision and strategy? Does it include step-out opportunities? Is it aligned around the business strategy and underpinned by a quantified use-case roadmap?


Does our data strategy support our analytics strategy? Is it supported by best-in-class data governance, data/IT architecture and infrastructure, and data security frameworks?

Organization and talent

Do we have an effective analytics organization with critical roles tying it to the business? Do we have an open ecosystem of partners? Do we have the required breadth and depth of talent?

Value assurance

Is leadership committed to analytics? Are our analytics solutions designed and implemented with the front line in mind? Are we tracking their success through a comprehensive set of Key Performance Indicators?

Models and tools

Are we deploying descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive models using the latest machine learning techniques? Are we using state-of-the-art tools and following best practices in model development?


Do we have a culture that fosters data-driven and agile decision making? Are we investing in test and learn? Is there internal collaboration between analytics units and the business?



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