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By applying advanced analytics to address challenges across all areas of operations, we help our clients gain a significant, sustained improvement in performance.

As the world's leading consultancy for operations, handling more than 500 projects involving advanced analytics per year, we offer clients:

Unequaled expertise. We combine deep strategic and business insight with world-class technological and operational capabilities, bringing together:

  • highly qualified professionals from our dedicated analytics centers including analysts, data scientists, and data architects, nearly all with advanced degrees in their fields, who support our client work and advance our methods and thinking
  • a global network of consultants with extensive experience across all core capabilities and industries
  • expert knowledge from our Business Technology Practice to ensure best-in-class data collection, management, and use

Innovative tools and approaches. In decades of operations work, we have built and continue to refine:

  • cutting-edge analytical approaches that we tailor to each client's industry and context
  • special-purpose proprietary data sets and tools covering topics including design to value, network and inventory optimization, and customer-experience analytics
  • advanced software tools for mathematical modeling, optimization, statistics and data mining, and prototyping

Commitment to lasting client impact. To achieve sustainable impact as well as quick wins, we support clients in:

  • translating data-driven insights into tangible changes in operational processes and successful frontline implementation
  • building enduring capabilities to support continuous improvement in operations and cost-effective new product development
  • applying our wealth of transformation experience to inspire and sustain change at all levels of the organization

How we help clients

Advanced analytics can help solve problems in optimization, prediction, simulation, comparison, and big data and visualization. We work with clients to identify where to focus, convert data and models into actionable insights, and develop institutional skills and structures to sustain impact. We use advanced analytics not only to improve the design of physical systems but also to address management infrastructures and employees' attitudes and behaviors so that clients are able to lead change independently.

Among our recent client work, we helped a European beverage manufacturer reduce its distribution costs by 26 percent through network optimization. We applied advanced neural network modeling to enable a global mining company to improve its production yield and generate over $100 million in added value.

Our analytics approaches, tools, and solutions cover all core areas, including:

Supply-chain management

We help clients adopt a cross-functional, end-to-end perspective on supply-chain management and offer a complete suite of proprietary tools for network design, clean-sheet logistics, inventory management, and warehousing.


We serve clients in all production industries to achieve sustained improvement in manufacturing strategy, quality, asset productivity, and energy efficiency, offering support at every stage from analytics to planning to implementation.


Over the past 10 years, we have worked with clients to source more than $350 billion in spend and generate savings in excess of $50 billion through improvements in demand management, supplier rationalization, operational processes, global sourcing, and design-to-value product development.

Service operations

We help clients in both service and non-service industries across all their service functions, including customer experience, service strategy and delivery, business-support functions, customer care, and lean management.

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