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Data Scientist, QuantumBlack, London

About Torgyn

It’s the fusion of people—experimenters and implementers working toward a shared goal—that inspires me every day.

Quick Q&A

Favorite part of your role?

Data science, where my work is not just theoretical but impact driven; I’m able to apply the latest advanced-analytics tools and thinking and to see the real-world impact for clients. Now, that’s rewarding!

What has surprised you the most?

There’s really no single type of person who works here. One moment, you could be talking to someone who wrote a thesis on reinforcement learning and the next to someone who’s an expert on genetics and neuroscience. It’s so varied, which helps to drive constant innovation and really to push your thinking to always be learning something new. Everyone is driven by curiosity.

Most memorable project?

Solving a complex production problem for a large pharmaceutical client. My team consisted of data scientists, software developers, designers, and engagement managers—really highlighting the diversity in expertise and backgrounds you come across every day at McKinsey.


University of Warwick
PhD, engineering