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Translator, Analytics Generalist, Gurgaon

About Shashwat

Whether it’s a new geography, industry, or team, there’s always something new on the horizon here.

Quick Q&A

Why McKinsey Analytics?

You’re always encouraged to explore your interests and grow in the direction you want. For me, that’s been deep learning, and so I’m working on a lot of AI projects, from cloud computing to basic reporting.

Favorite part of your role?

Getting to work with the latest technologies and tools and applying them to everyday situations. Right now, I’m developing an AI tool to control the air-conditioning system of our entire office building. That’s pretty cool!

Best team experience?

Working in Australia for three months. When you spend a really long time away from home with the same set of people, you develop a really close bond with them. They end up becoming your family. That’s something very special.

Most memorable project?

At a remote metal-processing plant that was 700 kilometers from civilization, I focused on integrating all the technology. There was such an abundance of data, which gave us so much to work with, and the client was really excited about applying advanced analytics in daily operations. You could really feel the impact you were making.


National Institute of Technology, Nagpur
B Tech, metallurgical engineering