Data Scientist, Public Sector, San Francisco
"I get to work on tough challenges, using complex techniques. I love it."
Data Engineer, Analytics Generalist, Gurgaon
"I can explore and innovate with the latest technologies and techniques. There’s not a single day when I’m not learning something new."
Manager, Risk Dynamics, London
“Knowing that we’re bringing new ideas or ways of working to clients that they hadn’t considered before is really rewarding.”
Data Engineer, QuantumBlack, London
"I love being able to connect the dots with data and find meaningful insights."
Data Scientist, Risk, London
“The intellectual challenge of working on totally different topics from one day to the next keeps me on my toes.”
Data Scientist, Healthcare, London
“It’s great being able to apply both technical and medical skills—a pretty rare combination.”
Data Engineer, QuantumBlack, London
"You’re constantly learning something new from people who are at the top of their game."
Analytics Fellow, Risk, Gurgaon
"What excites me the most about my work is the amount of ownership that people are willing to trust you with from day one."
Translator, Operations, London
"It’s incredible to be given the opportunity to work on projects that are completely transforming industries."
Data Scientist, Public Sector, Waltham Knowledge Center
"None of the problems we look at are standard ones, so we’re always having to think outside the box to come up with new solutions."
Translator, Risk, London
"Getting the support, coaching, and mentorship from colleagues really helps you adapt quickly."
Data Engineer, Analytics Generalist, Gurgaon
"I joined with technical expertise and experience in various analytics tools. Today, I’m applying these skills to driving business decisions."
Translator, Analytics Generalist, Gurgaon
"Whether it’s a new geography, industry, or team,  there’s always something new on the horizon here"
Data Scientist, QuantumBlack, London
“It’s the fusion of people—experimenters and implementers working toward a shared goal—that inspires me every day.”
Data Engineer, QuantumBlack, London
“The caliber of people here is really impressive. You can easily find yourself working with some technology and then discover that the person who created it is sitting a few seats away.”