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Data Engineer, Analytics Generalist, Gurgaon

About Matrika

I joined with technical expertise and experience in various analytics tools. Today, I’m applying these skills to driving business decisions.

Quick Q&A

How have you explored and tried new things?

My role is exciting, as it’s not tied to a particular industry or function. I work across different domains, getting a flavor of many industries while exploring and recommending new tools and technologies to clients.

Why McKinsey Analytics?

The diversity of people you’ll find here—from business consultants to software developers, designers, and other analytics experts. I’m constantly learning from their experiences, benefiting from their help, and having a lot of fun working together.

Best team experience?

My experience with my Gurgaon hub team has been fantastic. I work alongside people with a similar skill set, who bring deep experience I can learn from. I also work with consultants on client projects that are constantly changing and therefore get exposed to new people all the time.


Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad
MA, technology

Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida
BA, technology