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Data Scientist, Public Sector, Waltham Knowledge Center

About Luke

None of the problems we look at are standard ones, so we’re always having to think outside the box to come up with new solutions.

Quick Q&A

Why McKinsey Analytics?

I’m working on real-world problems. In academia everything is related to theory, but here everything’s related to practice. McKinsey presented a unique opportunity for me to apply the skill set I’d spent years building to have a real impact.

Your role in a nutshell?

I build models with tools such as machine learning, network science, and statistics to get a deep understanding of problems that we can’t really understand from a purely intuitive perspective.

Favorite part of your role?

We’re always presented with new challenges from our clients. To keep up, we’ve got to be constantly on the cutting edge when it comes to our methodology, data, software, and, most important, our skill set.


University of Pittsburgh
PhD, foreign policy, national security, international development

University of Pittsburgh
MPIA, security and intelligence studies

University of Pittsburgh
BA, American studies, history, literature