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Translator, Operations, London

About Leonid

It’s incredible to be given the opportunity to work on projects that are completely transforming industries.

Quick Q&A

Favorite part of your role?

Getting exposure to such a variety of topics in operations. I’m not only deepening my specialty in advanced analytics but also building expertise in supply chain, product development, manufacturing, and service operations.

What has surprised you the most?

It’s a pretty flat structure. Regardless of level or tenure, you can really make your voice heard from day one without going through multiple levels to get things done.

What’s helped you grow?

There’s a big emphasis on professional development, which is deeply ingrained in the culture. My first two weeks were dedicated solely to onboarding—a mix of soft skills and technical training, along with modeling how to work on a project. I was also paired with a mentor who is a great resource for me and answers any questions I have.


University of Oxford
MEng, engineering science