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Data Scientist, Healthcare, London

About Giles

It’s great being able to apply both technical and medical skills—a pretty rare combination.

Quick Q+A

Why McKinsey Analytics?

I wanted to work in the healthcare sector while using large data sets and statistics. McKinsey Analytics offers the perfect balance of these interests, giving me the opportunity to work on important, national-level challenges across a range of geographies.

Favorite part of your role?

The people. This extends beyond my colleagues, who are a lot of fun, to the clients we work with. There’s a big emphasis on relationship building here that goes beyond just getting the work done. We really collaborate, since we work so closely together for extended periods of time. Everyone feels a sense of ownership and accountability—sharing the same challenges and celebrating the successes together. It’s truly a partnership.

Most memorable project?

I worked with an insurer to transform the handling of medical claims. Using machine-learning tools, we identified and prioritized incorrectly coded claims, freeing up hundreds of person-hours.


University of Oxford
DPhil, neuroscience, statistics, data analysis

University of Cambridge
MSci, BA, natural sciences