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Analytics Fellow, Risk, Gurgaon

About Abhinav

What excites me the most about my work is the amount of ownership that people are willing to trust you with from day one.

Quick Q&A

Most memorable project?

My first oneā€”just two months after joining the firm. Within two weeks of kickoff, the team trusted me to own a major component of the workstream and work directly with the clients. It was an exciting and inspiring moment, when I realized that tenure does not correlate with the amount of change you can bring. People are very willing to give you more responsibility.

How have you explored and tried new things?

In every project, there’s always some new flavor to the work we’re doing. My most recent engagement involved digital as well as risk. I explored new topics, like writing industry-standard code and production-ready software. That’s just one example of how I keep learning and expanding my horizons.

What keeps you energized at work?

Everybody is really passionate about providing you with constructive feedback and getting the same for themselves. I always know what I’m doing well and where I can improve. This kind of support gives me a greater sense of fulfilment and helps me improve constantly.


Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai
M. Tech, aerospace engineering