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Reinventing the organization for speed: A deep dive with McKinsey experts

The need for speed has never been greater – getting things done fast, and well. In recent months, organizations have had to make decisions rapidly while improving productivity, the use of technology, and the scope and scale of innovation. In this Virtual Exchange webinar, McKinsey leaders highlight nine ways companies can get faster:

  1. Speed up and delegate decision making. The pandemic has shown it is possible to make decisions faster with fewer meetings and fewer decision makers in each meeting.
  2. Step up execution excellence. Leaders must ensure team members are clear about what needs to get done by whom, when, and why.
  3. Cultivate extraordinary partnerships. Partners are increasingly important in dealing with the pace of change, complexity, and disruptions that are becoming the norm.
  4. Flatten the structure. Rigid hierarchies must give way to leaner, flatter structures that allow the system to respond quickly to emerging challenges and opportunities.
  5. Unleash nimble, empowered teams. Having agile teams across an enterprise – enabled with the right structures, processes, and culture – allows the entire system to move fast.
  6. Make hybrid work, work. Benefits to a hybrid model include satisfied employees, lower real-estate costs, access to a broader range of talent, and improved productivity.
  7. Field tomorrow’s leaders today. CEOs have gained insights into who the future leaders are, and the value of rapidly deploying top talent to the most important work.
  8. Learn how to learn. Skills can and do expire. Organizations need people who can continually learn and adapt.
  9. Rethink the role of CEOs and leaders. The future requires leaders to act as visionaries instead of commanders, with a clear vision of the future and empowering others to realize the vision.

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