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People will resist change: Here’s how to approach it

Leaders who have lived through a major transformation will be familiar with the following scene. You introduce a change initiative to your team members, but before you even finish your presentation, they shut it down, saying it may be a good idea elsewhere—but not here. In our experience, we find that CAVE (consistently against virtually everything) people exist in all organizations. Sometimes there are only a few individuals resisting, and sometimes they make up the majority of the ...

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How tackling the hard stuff can break down resistance to change

Astro Teller, captain of moonshots at Google X, shares an allegory of a company that needed to teach a monkey to recite Shakespeare while on a pedestal. Teller poses the question, “Where would you begin?” In this allegory, most people would opt for first erecting the pedestal. After all, that is objectively easier than “shooting for the moon,” so to speak, of teaching a monkey to recite the “Storm on the Heath” monologue from King Lear. While we don’t ...

Want better results from change programs? Focus on the right measures of success

A recent survey of global executives asked participants what the most influential factors were that attributed to an unsuccessful implementation. Many respondents said leadership decreased over time and that the impact wasn’t sufficiently tracked. One company recently implemented a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system—a massive under- taking for any organization. A substantial amount of resources had been dedicated to the project to help reach the company’s goals of ...

Putting sales organizations on the path to a successful sales transformation

Most sales organizations have yet to crack the code on how to launch a successful transformation. Too many sales leaders still make quick decisions based on feelings rather than hard evidence. And high attrition rates present challenges when individuals don’t pass on their knowledge of how things should work. The good news is that there is a science-based approach that can increase the odds of a successful transformation by three to four times. A recent McKinsey article, “Meet the ...