Unlocking the Potential of Women

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Visit the McKinsey Academy site to enroll in a demo version of this virtual learning experience. Sample the first few lessons and explore all that this proven course has to offer.

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Leverage the full talent of your teams

We are pleased to offer a free trial version of Unlocking the Potential of Women, a virtual learning experience designed to empower both male and female leaders to recognize and deliver the full potential of women in their workplace.

Designed for a diverse cohort of leaders

Who’s this course for? Mid-level and senior business leaders, HR and people leaders who are looking to become more inclusive and effective leaders, and tackle the representation of women in their workplace as they would any business problem, using a data-driven approach.

What you'll learn

Learn why increasing the representation of women will improve your organization’s bottom line

Explore the challenges women disproportionately face and identify actions to empower them

Bring together your new knowledge to make a plan for change at your organization

Preview the course experience, including expert insights, access to the latest research, peer community conversations, and more.

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Enroll in a demo version of this course. Sample the first few lessons and explore all that this proven course has to offer.

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