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Talent Value Leader Academy

Helping HR business professionals become strategic business leaders

Talent is increasingly seen as one of the only sustainable sources of competitive advantage in today’s constantly changing environment. Yet only 32 percent of CEOs are confident in HR’s ability to deliver, and only 12 percent agree that, if needed, HR business professionals (HRBPs) could lead the business that they are supporting.

A talent-driven organization requires HRBPs to possess a different set of skills, including strong business and financial acumen, consultative problem solving, and talent expertise.

Talent Value Leader Academy empowers HRBPs with the capabilities, behaviors, and mind-sets required to take on the role of strategic business leader, owning the organization’s talent approach and linking talent to business value.

Our approach

Our blended learning journeys help HRBPs drive strategic talent initiatives for their organizations.

Talent Value Leader Academy uses adult learning principles rooted in behavioral science to help HRBPs make the transition to strategic business leader. We combine in-person forums with digital courses, field work, coaching, and assessments, empowering HRBPs to build the skills required for success.

Business leader

Build the financial and business acumen required to link talent to the organization’s broader strategy. We help HRBPs understand how to leverage people and talent to create positive business outcomes for the organization as a whole.

Problem solver

Develop strategic problem-solving skills required to identify and resolve high-priority talent issues. We help HRBPs prioritize people-related challenges, develop hypotheses with stakeholders across the organization, and make value-driven recommendations.

Impact driver

Create a talent-value culture. We help HRBPs implement, measure, and communicate a successful strategic people agenda that draws a clear connection from talent to value creation for the organization.

Why Talent Value Leader Academy

Deep understanding of your business context

We understand each organization’s context, goals and challenges, and we craft targeted programs that are directly linked to the drivers of value for your organization.

Changing behavior

We leverage adult learning principles, behavioral science, and neuroscience to craft an experience that ensures behavioral and mindset shifts will stick.

Organization and talent expertise

Our programs draw from the deep expertise of McKinsey’s Organization practice, which has done more than 600 talent management projects in the last five years.

Our impact

Reshaping an HR team during a turnaround

An energy company was facing a significant industry disruption and needed a dramatic turnaround in efficiency and effectiveness. The chief human resources officer (CHRO) wanted to close the HR skill gap and enable HRBPs to partner with other business leaders to unlock opportunities enabled by the organization’s talent.

Talent Value Leader Academy brought the HRBPs together as a collective team for the first time and substantially upskilled the group through a 4-month blended program. Through on-the-job projects, in-person sessions, and digital courses, we helped shift the role of the HRBPs to become more strategic, integrate HR into the organization’s broader strategy, and equip HRBPs to drive and sustain the talent transformation.

After the program, 100 percent of the participants said they learned new tools and concepts that would help them in their day-to-day responsibilities. One leader said, “Before, I was very HR centric, but after learning these things, I can be more business focused.”

Featured insights

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