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Procurement Academy

Developing sustainable, world-class procurement capabilities across the organization

Effectively managing third-party suppliers—both spend and risks—is closely linked to an organization’s bottom line. Companies that empower their procurement professionals with the necessary skills, mind-sets, and behaviors to manage third-party spend achieve higher financial performance.
Procurement Academy helps organizations develop best-in-class procurement capabilities. Our programs address the most critical topics – from supporting end-to-end transformations to embedding capability building for a specific category or content area. We use a broad range of learning interventions to build foundational knowledge and skills on core procurement, analytical, and leadership topics.

Our Approach

Our programs help organizations build the capabilities needed to achieve procurement excellence.

We take a blended approach to learning, combining assessments with online courses, classroom training, coaching, and group work to create targeted learning journeys for different cohorts.

CPO and leadership team

Understand what good looks like for high-performing procurement organizations. Our programs help leaders build awareness around the latest industry trends and benchmarks, learn from peers in executive forums, and develop the skills to effectively lead the organization day to day, as well as through a procurement transformation.

Category managers

Strengthen core strategic sourcing skills and build a tool kit for successful fact-base development, sourcing-strategy development and execution. Our program covers functional topics such as clean sheeting, design to value, and contracting. We also help category managers develop their leadership skills in areas such as problem solving, leading change, and communication.

Broader organization

Empower employees in other parts of the organization to build a foundational understanding of procurement principles—such as total cost of ownership and should-cost models—while promoting cross-functional stakeholder engagement for optimal results.

Featured assets

Our programs leverage a proven methodology for capability building, from design to implementation. We bring a unique set of assets that help organizations accelerate a step change in their procurement performance.

McKinsey Capability Building Assessment (MCBA)

Identify procurement skill and knowledge strengths and development areas for individual employees to help prioritize capability-building program focus.

Design to value labs (DTV)

Improve profitability by leveraging design-architecture expertise and competitor benchmarking to create products that meet customer needs and reduce overall manufacturing costs.


Reduce costs by analyzing a product or service’s cost structure to help manufacturers optimize design and capture savings.

Why Procurement Academy

Strategy driven

We understand each organization’s context, goals, and challenges and we craft customized and targeted programs that directly tie into the drivers of value.

Changing behavior for sustainable impact

Our programs focus on changing day-to-day mind-sets and behaviors through a broad range of techniques, including expert and peer coaching, on-the-job observation and feedback, reflection exercises, and simulations.

Procurement and leadership expertise

Our programs draw from our deep expertise on direct and indirect procurement issues as well as leadership skills.  Our procurement team has served nearly 1,400 clients in the last 5 years, supported by our 1,700 experts.

Our Impact

Building a world-class procurement organization at a global biotech company

A global biotech company wanted to improve its organization-wide procurement capabilities to achieve a 10 percent in-year savings (three times its normal savings). To capture the value, Procurement Academy developed a global training program addressing ten core procurement skills and four leadership skills.

The first phase trained 120 employees in a 3-day interactive, in-person workshop on the core topics. Additionally, we identified 19 “super users” who participated in a combination of classroom learning, coaching, assessments, and feedback. The super-user cohort was also trained to lead future capability-building programs for the company.

The capabilities and concept learned in phase one helped the organization to achieve the saving targets and helped to create a sustainable organization, where all procurement resources started to build similar fact-base and category-strategy documents.



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